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Video Chat
into your website

Give your customers and community members a secure on-site video chat system that requires no downloads or off-site logins. Coms webRTC Video Chat Plugin (cvc) fits right into your website or app with simple set-up and a little bit of Javascript.
Run the webRTC Plugin Demo here.
  • See how the plugin works - get a feel for how you'd use it on your site.
  • Make a call between this device and one or more others - your PC, phone or laptop ...
  • Learn how the ppl variable controls who can call whom.

Get the Plugin

Open a New Account here at acdit.com to start your set-up, or log-in to access your settings.
Your Client ID is the cvc_cid variable your back-end provides to the chat page ( in lowerCase ).
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Plugin Code

Place this code in the HEAD of your document and modify as explained below.
var cvc_cid = "< Client ID >";
var cvc_ppl = "< Name1,Name2,Name3,Name4 >";
var cvc_pw = "";
var cvc_inIframe = true;
var cvc_fullWindow = true;

var cvc_iframe_parked = {
    position: "absolute",
    top: "60px",
    left: "0px",
    width: "360px",
    height: "560px",
    backgroundColor: "#000000",
    backgroundImage: "linear-gradient(to bottom right, #4998ac, #000000)",
    cvc_button_top: "65px",
    cvc_button_left: "9px"

var cvc_iframe_fullWindow = {
    position: "absolute",
    top: "0px",
    left: "0px",
    width: "100%",
    height: "100%",
    backgroundColor: "#000000",
    backgroundImage: "linear-gradient(to bottom right, #4998ac, #000000)",
    cvc_button_top: "7px",
    cvc_button_left: "9px"
<script src="https://coms.online/cvc_plugin/coms_video_chat_plugin_01.js"></script>
Modify the script values
cvc_cid - string - your Client ID
cvc_ppl - comma separated string, no spaces - usernames in the call group
        - empty if using a name-input field and chat button to call reserved usernames
cvc_pw - empty string - a placeholder for the reserved username password
cvc_inIframe - boolean, true if the chat is contained in an iframe,
             - else false, chat opens in a new window or tab
cvc_fullWindow - boolean, true if the iframe fills the window, else false
               - irrelevant if cvc_inIframe is false
cvc_iframe_parked - json - styles for the iframe "parked"
cvc_iframe_fullWindow - json - styles for the iframe "full window"
                      - cvc_button_top and cvc_button_left
                        are for the menu button at top-left of the iframe
If running cvc in an iframe, place this <DIV> element just before the closing </body> tag -
<div id="Coms_Video_Chat"></div>

The cvc iframe position can be toggled between "fullWindow" and "parked" (as on this page):
This element is the iframe's "parked" position - place it where it needs to be
<div id="Coms_Parked"></div>

Reserved Usernames

In your cvc settings you can reserve usernames - Support and Sales for example - and assign a password to each. Since they are password-protected, only the intended people can use them, you can make the chat available to visitors to your website.
Visitors can only call the reserved usernames, and they must input a name before they call. Use the name as the cvc_ppl variable and call the cvc function.
You can make the input field and "Chat" button in any way you like - it just needs to capture the visitor's name and call the cvc chat function. Here is an example:
<input id="VistorName" type"text" placeholder="Please enter your name" value="" />
<img src="ChatButton.png" style="cursor: pointer" onclick='goChat()' />
  function goChat()
    cvc_ppl = document.getElementById("VistorName").value;
Validate the visitor name before using it. Since it becomes a Javascript variable, it cannot start with a number and must contain only alpha-numeric characters.


If you need help with any of the above, or just want to meet and chat about the plugin, go to https://coms.online.
If Support is online at that time, you'll find "Join an open meeting" on the front page. Follow that to enter the Support chat room.
Alternatively, use the Support email form which you'll find via the coms.online menu.
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