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Welcome to Coms Video Chat Plugin (cvc).
In this demo, we'll test a video call between this device and one or more others - your phone, PC or laptop - to demonstrate how the chat service running at coms.online can be embedded in a different domain.
The cvc plugin provides video chat for users who are logged into the host website or app, and enables visitors to call specific people or departments - Support or Sales, for example.
The ppl variable ...
To identify the people in a calling group, we use a comma-separated list of usernames: first the current user's username followed by all the others. For example:
  • ppl = "Name1,Name2,Name3,Name4";
Try it now ...
Enter as Name1 ( "Name1,Name2,Name3,Name4" )
Go to https://acdit.com/webRTC_Plugin_Demo/ (this page) on another device ...
Enter as Name2 ( "Name2,Name1,Name3,Name4" )
On a third device ...
Enter as Name3 ( "Name3,Name1,Name2,Name4" )
On a fourth device ...
Enter as Name4 ( "Name4,Name1,Name2,Name3" )
Your server-side software prepares the ppl list and delivers it to the browser as a Javascript string. The chat window opens for the first username in ppl, allowing calls to and from the others.
By creating different ppl strings, your application can create chat rooms for specific purposes.
Users can find and call each other under the green users icon.

The list contains only those who are online and not already in a call.
The button contains these functions:

"Park" toggles with "Full Window" (see the Demo).

Iframe, tab or window

As you can see, the video chat system running at https://coms.online is embedded in this domain (acdit.com), demonstrating how it can be embedded cross-origin and how the connections available to each user are controlled by the opening parameters.
cvc can be opened by a webpage in an iframe or a new tab or window, and it can be opened by an app. For Android, use WebView to open an in-app browser, and for Apple apps use SFSafariViewController, not the WKWebView.
Support offers code solutions for most scenarios and we are happy to personally guide you through the integration.
Sign up first on the webRTC Video Chat Plugin page, subscribe and configure your options in Settings.


If you want to meet and chat about the plugin, go to https://coms.online.
If Support is online, you'll find "Join an open meeting" on the front page. Follow that to enter the Support chat room.
Alternatively, use the Support email form which you'll find via the coms.online menu.

webRTC Video Chat

webRTC (web Real Time Communication) is a browser-based technology which connects web-browsers together in private peer-to-peer networks. For convenience and security in voice and video chats, messaging and file-sharing, webRTC beats everything else hands down!

webRTC Magic
P2P Encrypted Communications
Private messaging & video calls,
peer-to-peer for maximum security
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