Coms Video Chat Plugin
Test here on this page with two or more devices.

Video Chat
into your website

Welcome to acdit, creator of Coms Video Chat.
In this demo, we'll test a video call from this device to another - your phone or PC (?) - to demonstrate how the chat service at can be embedded in a different domain.
Imagine that this is the page on your app/site that opens the Chat ...
You'd have this in the document.head:
<script src=" ... /coms_video_chat_plugin_01.js"></script>
and this where you want the Chat to appear:
<div id="Coms_Video_Chat"></div>
Coms Chat requires a comma-separated list of usernames: first is the current user's username followed by all the usernames s/he can call. For example:
  • ppl name1,name2,name3,name4
If ppl is provided when opening this page, Chat opens automatically, but for this demo, we'll make it up so we can use a Chat button. Let's define ppl ...
ppl First your own username, then others you can call
Go to (this page) on the other device and do the same thing there, re-ordering the usernames: first the device-user then everyone s/he can call. For example: name2,name1,name3,name4
Set ppl on both devices, then enter using the Chat buttons.
The Chat button uses ppl to load the Chat
  • ?ppl=
This is your Chat button Enter when ready
Users' Id and contact circle
Each user is in a chat domain identified by the server name, and has username and contacts set by ppl.
In the chat menu, find and call each other under the green users icon.
Use to close the chat window. (Programmable)

Iframe, tab or window

As you see, Coms Video Chat, running at, is embedded in this domain, demonstrating how it can be embedded in a cross-origin domain and how the connections available to each user are controlled by the opening parameters.
Coms can be opened in an iframe, or it can open in a new tab or window. It can also be closed, repositioned, hidden by the page or app that opened it.
Support offers code resources most scenarios. Sign up first at and register your email address in Settings. Support will set up a back-end for you and help you through the integration. Use the Support by Email form or find Support at Coms Open Meeting Rooms to contact us.
    To integrate Coms Video Chat into your app / site, there are two main tasks:
  • create a launching page (or iframe) like this, containing the plugin code.
  • create Chat button logic within your app and have the buttons launch the chat

webRTC Video Chat

webRTC (web Real Time Communication) is a browser-based technology which connects web-browsers together in private peer-to-peer networks. For convenience and security in voice and video chats, messaging and file-sharing, webRTC beats everything else hands down!

webRTC Magic
P2P Encrypted Communications
Private messaging & video calls,
peer-to-peer for maximum security is the internet home of Alan Craig Dunn (acd), child of the '60s/70s, software developer since 1983, happy husband and doting father, and fierce advocate for internet privacy and security.
Contact Craig via Coms Messenger
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