Website support chat plug-in

Website support video chat

 This video chat system plugs into your website with one line of code and enables you to connect with your customers no matter which chat apps they may use - they can call you directly from your website.
 A chat system which enables website visitors to talk with the staff behind a business website has significantly high value - it enables customers to ask questions about the specifics of a product or service and it enables websites to expand upon their presentations and explain in greater detail.
 The value of such text-only support chat systems is vastly improved with the addition of video chat and screen-sharing capability provided by Zybercall for Business, a service of
 A live conversation in which both parties can see and hear each other, in which documents can be transferred and interactive presentations can be made via screen-sharing is clearly far more effective.
 Zybercall's website support video chat and text messaging system employs strong end-to-end encryption and provides complete privacy and the highest possible level of security. Messages can be downloaded for storage on your PC or mobile device, and deleted from the server, giving you complete control.
 Example screenshots of the chat interface ...
 Customers click the Video Call link to to start a video conference ...
 ... and now you're in visual and audio contact where you can have a real conversation, share documents and share screens.

Get video chat support for your website

 Website operators need only sign up for a Zybercall account and provide a list of support-persons' names. Then add one line of code to each webpage that requires the support chat system. Any time a call comes in, the first support-person on the list who's online and not already busy will receive the call.
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Zybercall on Facebook is built for professionals. Providing totally private and secure text-messaging and video conferencing, it is perfect for professionals such as journalists, politicians, scientists, business operators - indeed anyone with an inescapable need for uncompromised communications security. Zybercall keeps no records of any user activity and avoids cookies like the plague (therefore, no advertising). is the internet home of Alan Craig Dunn (acd), child of the '60s/70s, software developer since 1983, happy husband and doting father, and fierce advocate for internet privacy and security.
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