webRTC Video Chat and Messaging

P2P Video Chat with Encrypted Messaging

 webRTC (Real Time Communication) technology enables peer-to-peer video calling and encrypted messaging right in your browser, no app required, and provides unbeatable levels of privacy and security.
 With coms.global we have built a video calling and encrypted messaging system recommended to all who require uncompromised privacy and security in online communications.
 Peer-to-peer (P2P) means that data streams directly from one computer (or mobile device) to another without being relayed over a web server. Data is encrypted end-to-end and cannot be received or understood by anyone other than the chat partners.
 In Coms, any messages sent to a partner not currently online are stored encrypted on the web server and deleted as soon as they are read into the chat interface. All messages sent or received are stored encrypted on the user's device and can be deleted at any time.
 Coms keeps no records of user activity - even the standard server logs are disabled - so there's nothing on the server that can be hacked or demanded by third parties, such as who called who, when or for how long. Nothing. We cannot imagine a more secure and private system.
 Coms also supports group conference calls and secure file transmission.