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 Cam Chat Café is a webcam-streaming hangout where people socialize and enjoy one-to-one or group video conference calls, either in complete privacy or open for collaboration with other community members.
 It's not an "adult" site though - CamChatCafé is a refreshingly safe family, friends and work friendly place where folks connect and chat about things of common interest, promote their arts or businesses, provide entertainment or educational broadcasts.
 Since CamChatCafé is built on webRTC technology, no app is required - it runs in your web browser, equally well on desktop and mobile devices so everyone can connect no matter which apps they use. webRTC enables encrypted peer-to-peer (P2P) media data streaming directly from device to device with no webserver in between, which means that security and privacy is optimized. Video + audio streams disappear completely when you end a call or close your browser tab.
 CamChatCafé has two modes of operation: Community and Broadcast Only:
In Community mode, your webcam stream is available for calls from friends-only or everyone, depending on your settings, and you can of course call others too.
In Broadcast Only mode, your webcam streams outwards to the Community and friends-only or everyone, depending on your settings, can connect but you do not receive the connection as a call, nor can you make calls. This lightens the load on your browser and allows you to concentrate on your broadcast without interruption.
 Broadcast only mode is perfect for performances of any kind - entertainment, political, promotional, educational ... A very good example is Zybercall's CamChatCafé broadcast which is a video, recorded in Zybercall, which uses screensharing to demonstrate and explain how Zybercall works. You can also record video in CamChatCafé, then stream that video instead of perfoming live.
 CamChatCafé supports one-to-one and group conference calls, screen-sharing, video recording and video broadcasting and can be used for home monitoring too. is the internet home of Alan Craig Dunn (acd), child of the '60s/70s, software developer since 1983, happy husband and doting father, and fierce advocate for internet privacy and security.
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