Regenerative Social Media
Open Meeting Rooms is our webRTC-based peer-to-peer end-to-end-encrypted video conferencing site, where we've set up Open Meeting Rooms to enable people to meet for free and talk together.
This is regenerative social media, online services designed to heal the harms done by destructive social media - the kind that has narrowed our minds and driven us apart into social groups which misunderstand and antagonize each other.
Idle chit-chat can save the day
  • Just a few words, and a smile, exchanged with a stranger, perhaps on a park bench or at a bus stop, can give you that warm, fuzzy feeling.
    We are not really strangers:
  • There's more that unites us than divides us - true that! Misconceptions, erroneous assumptions and misgivings all dissipate through conversation which builds familiarity.
    On you can join ongoing and scheduled open meetings, and you can become a meeting host yourself, give your meetings a title and a topic, and take the lead in getting people to know something about each other - not by discussing what divides us politically, economically or socially, but by sharing ideas, impressions, feelings about kids, fly-fishing, space-travel and everything else between the sky and the earth, everything from jokes to confessions :-)
    Coms has no advertising and no data-mining or anthing like that. Video conferences are completely discreet, limited to 5 or 6 people, and nothing is recorded.
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