Progressive Web App (PWA)'s Progressive Web App

A Progressive Web App (PWA) is a website which can be installed on mobile devices and PCs as if it was a native app. PWAs launch from an icon on the homescreen or desktop, they start faster and they run in an app window without tabs or address bar. They can also be made to function offline.
A PWA can receive "Push Notifications" from its webserver even when the user is not logged in, and even if the app is not running. In the case of our encrypted messaging and video calling application, optional notifications alert users to incoming messages.
PWAs can also remember permissions and settings to a higher degree than websites.
Different browsers present different ways of installing PWAs - just use the install function presented. PWAs prompt reload-to-update whenever the app code changes.
Since PWAs are installed from within a web browser, you will not find Progressive Web Apps in Google Play Store, Apple's App Store nor Microsoft's App Store.
Install the PWA on your phone, tablet or PC for a far more satisfying experience, very much like a native app - clean, fast and integrated. Find the Install button on the home page or use your mobile browser's "Add to Homescreen" function.
Read about Progressive Web Apps here on Wikipedia.