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ads-free social network
Social media is the way the people of the world talk to each other, exchange ideas and experiences. For the world to be healthy, social media needs to be a healthy environment. But the world is presently not in good health ...
People are abusing social media:
  • Rampant narcissism, shallow interactions, anti-social behaviour, abject disrespect, fake news and conspiracy theories are the order of the day.
    Social media platforms are abusing people:
  • Addictive design priciples and algorithm-driven behaviour-manipulation drive the attention-economy for the sake of advertising dollars.
    So acd built Nod'n'aWink to address these issues, mindfully avoiding the harms caused by current major social networks, encouraging positives and discouraging negatives.
    Nod'n'aWink social network is completely free of advertising and 3rd-party cookies which compromise users' privacy. Nod'n'aWink does not use algorithms to influence people's thinking, other than a simple filter which removes bad language.
    Nod'n'aWink Messenger adds end-to-end encrypted messaging and private video calling to complete the communications suite, providing all-u-need for secure and social online communications in one place - an ethical, safe and secure alternative to Facebook.
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    The Nod'n'aWink website is a Progressive Web App (PWA) which can be installed on your Windows desktop or mobile device home-screen to speed it up by running it like a native app in a stand-alone window, help it handle notifications and function to its fullest extent.