Coms Chatter Ads-free Social Network

Social Networking with no advertising redirects to and causes it to launch the Coms Chatter Social Network page.
Coms Chatter is the social networking site which is completely free of advertising and carries therefore no 3rd-party cookies which compromise users' privacy.
It also provides Coms Messenger's end-to-end encrypted messaging and private video calling app to complete the Coms Private Communicator suite, providing all-u-need for secure and social online communications in one app.
You can make your own Coms Chatter page and post whatever you like, you can follow others and have others follow you, you can block the posters of content you don't like, and use the privacy settings to be as public or as private as you prefer.
The Coms website is a Progressive Web App (PWA) which can be installed on your Windows desktop or mobile device home-screen which makes it load super-fast and run like a native app in a stand-alone window. is the internet home of Alan Craig Dunn (acd), child of the '60s/70s, software developer since 1983, happy husband and doting father, and fierce advocate for internet privacy and security.
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