Alan Craig Dunn (acd), software developer, small-business owner, humane technologist.
  Presently working on ConneXense - custom webRTC video conferencing solutions.
  My dev-stack is linux/ubuntu/nginx/node.js/express + client.
  Using webRTC I've built communications and social platforms where privacy and security are primary concerns,
  My company - Co. Ltd. - delivers customized WebRTC solutions for our partners and collaborators.

  E2EE is the web-based end-to-end-encrypted instant messenger with video calls and video messages.
  Ads-free, private and secure, there is no surveillance nor data-collection.
  Private encryption keys enable true end-to-end-encryption of messages over the web server.
  Run it in your browser, or

  ConneXense is acd's webRTC-based media streaming platform.
  It's a Selective Forwarding Unit (SFU) for conducting private video conferences and for broadcasting webinar events to a wider internet audience.
  In the browser, ConneXense mixes Presentation and Conference modes with screen-sharing, text and break-out rooms to enable various scenarios.
  Book ConneXense Webinar Venue for your next event or contact acd to discuss a white-labeled custom edition for your own productions.
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