dynamic web-app development
design, coding and hosting
of node.js applications
  acd (Alan Craig Dunn) is among the most experienced web-developers around, having worked in information technology (it) for over 30 years and on the web since '95.
  Learning through dozens of projects large and small, using ASP, dotNet, PHP, Windows and Linux, Craig now designs, codes and hosts web-applications using node.js.

Web Applications

  As opposed to a static website which simply displays text and graphics, a web-application is a dynamic program with many business or technical functions, fetching, modifying and storing data on its web-servers.
  A Progressive Web App (PWA) is an enhanced version of the same which behaves more like a native app but it is not downloaded and installed, rather it is served from the internet.
  A PWA can be converted to a TWA - Trusted Web Activity and listed in Google Play Store and Microsoft Store. A TWA behaves exactly like a native app while still interfacing with the internet.


  HeadsUp.social is a social-media site with private messenger and video-calling capability.
  It's built on the principles on humane technology and thereby aspires to deliver a rewarding social experience without being addictive or extractive.
  To protect its integrity, HeadsUp avoids advertising and sponsors so it's run as a non-profit, relying on voluntary contributions from supportive members.


  loqui.contact is an ads-free messaging and video calling web-app with the highest possible privacy and security.
  Video call streams and in-call text messages are transmitted directly between peer-to-peer connected browsers using full end-to-end-encryption.
  Messages relayed over loqui  servers are encrypted too, and are deleted when they are collected. Users can delete individual messages or entire conversations from their devices at any time.


  th-property.com is about as commercial as it gets ... advertising property for sale or rent in Thailand, it lists real-estate on behalf of estate-agents and features houses, condos and land properties for sale by owner.
  Modified versions of this software are available for marketing of real-estate, cars, or just about anything else.
  Contact to discuss that or any other web-application software we might build for you.

Social Media Networking

  acdit has done a lot of work in the social media space, seeking to transcend the Facebook and Twitter era and re-imagine online social life as something positively useful and rewarding. We've developed an alternative to these bad-boys, we've developed completely private encrypted messaging and webRTC-based peer-to-peer video chat.
  Craig has completed the "Fundamentals" course at the Center For Humane Technology and participates actively in the humane-tech community.

Social Media Widthout Ads

Facebook Alternative - Social Media Without Ads
headsup.social social media and messaging platform, free of commercial influence.

Seeking Social Synergy

Synergy in Social Connections
HeadsUp helps to build synergistic relationships among people whose interests converge.

Surveillance Advertising

Surveillance Advertising and the Damage Done
A scathing critique of the damage done by surveillance advertising in social media

Non-profit Social Media

Support Not for Profit Social Media
HeadsUp social web-app's ethical principles take precedence over profit.

Social Media Conversations

HeadsUp Social Media Conversations
HeadsUp social conversations listed by their titles - join a conversation any time.
acdit.com does not collect information about site visitors and does not use cookies - nothing to worry about!