Alan Craig Dunn (acd), software developer, small-business owner, humane technologist.
  Presently working on ConneXense - custom webRTC video conferencing solutions.
  My dev-stack is linux/ubuntu/nginx/node.js/express + client.
  Using webRTC I've built communications and social platforms where privacy and security are primary concerns,
  My company - Co. Ltd. - delivers customized WebRTC solutions for our partners and collaborators.

  ConneXense is acd's webRTC-based media streaming platform.
  It's a Selective Forwarding Unit (SFU) for conducting private video conferences and for broadcasting webinar events to a wider internet audience.
  In the browser, ConneXense mixes Presentation and Conference modes with screen-sharing, text and break-out rooms to enable various scenarios.
  Book ConneXense Webinar Venue for your next event or contact acd to discuss a white-labeled custom edition for your own productions. is a social-media site with private messenger and video-calling capability.
  Guided by principles of humane technology, HeadsUp aspires to deliver a rewarding social experience without being addictive or extractive.
  To protect its integrity, HeadsUp avoids advertising and sponsors so it's run as a non-profit, relying on voluntary contributions from supportive members.

  E2EE is the web-based end-to-end-encrypted instant messenger with video calls and video messages.
  Ads-free, private and secure, there is no surveillance nor data-collection.
  Private encryption keys enable true end-to-end-encryption of messages over the web server.
  Run it in your browser, or
Click ConneXense to video chat
with Craig (if I'm there).
For complete privacy, get
and send a Contact Request to Craig.
Email admin at this domain ... :)

Social Media Networking

  acdit has done a lot of work in the social media space, seeking to transcend the Facebook and Twitter era and re-imagine online social life as something positively useful and rewarding. We've developed an alternative to these bad-boys, we've developed completely private encrypted messaging and webRTC-based peer-to-peer video chat.
  Craig has completed the "Fundamentals" course at the Center For Humane Technology and participates actively in the humane-tech community.

Social Media Widthout Ads

Facebook Alternative - Social Media Without Ads social media and messaging platform, free of commercial influence.

Seeking Social Synergy

Synergy in Social Connections
HeadsUp helps to build synergistic relationships among people whose interests converge.

Surveillance Advertising

Surveillance Advertising and the Damage Done
A scathing critique of the damage done by surveillance advertising in social media

Non-profit Social Media

Support Not for Profit Social Media
HeadsUp social web-app's ethical principles take precedence over profit.

Social Media Conversations

HeadsUp Social Media Conversations
HeadsUp social conversations listed by their titles - join a conversation any time.

E2EE Messaging & Video Chat

E2EE Instant Messenger employs extreme and absolute privacy measures to provide true end-to-end-encrypted messaging and video calls. does not collect information about site visitors and does not use cookies - nothing to worry about!