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webRTC video chat plugin
Add video chat to your website or app with our webRTC plug-in. Enables 1-to-1 and group chats, text messaging, screen-share and file-sharing.
Coms webRTC video chat plugin demo
headsup.social builds synergy-rich relationships using social streams, encrypted messaging and private video calls.
Download HeadsUp for Android and Windows
Coms is simply the most secure and private peer-to-peer encrypted messenger and video call app ever conceived - for both desktop and mobile.
Encrypted messages and video calls
Download Coms for Android and Windows
On Coms.online you can create meeting rooms and invite others to join your there for video conference calls in complete privacy.
Video Conference Rooms
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webRTC Video Chat Magic

webRTC (web Real Time Communication) is a browser-based technology which connects web-browsers together in private peer-to-peer networks. For convenience and security in voice and video chats, messaging and file-sharing, it beats everything else hands down!

webRTC Magic
P2P Encrypted Communications
Private messaging & video calls,
peer-to-peer for maximum security

Social Media Networking

Humane Technology
headsup.social social media platform is built on principles of humane technology.
Ads-free Social Network Alternative to Facebook
headsup.social social networking and messaging platform, free of commercial influence.
Synergy in Social Connections
HeadsUp helps to build synergistic relationships among people whose interests converge.
Surveillance Advertising and the Damage Done
A scathing critique of the damage done by surveillance advertising in social media
Support Not for Profit Social Media
HeadsUp social web-app's ethical principles take precedence over profit.
HeadsUp Social Post Headlines
HeadsUp social posts listed by their headlines - a fine way to find posts on specific subjects.

Video Chat Software

Video chat with encrypted messaging
End-to-end encrypted, disappearing text messaging and video calling for desktop and mobile.
Regenerative Social Media
New, regenerative social media works to heal the harms caused by old, destructive social media

webRTC video conferencing privacy and security

Imagine a video chat + screen and file sharing system which is entirely private and secure and disappears leaving no trace when you're done ... that's what you get with webRTC (web Real Time Communication) technology. Learn about our webRTC solutions and understand its privacy and security advantages.
Forget email, if privacy is important. Forget Facebook, Twitter - forget all the popular social media platforms, if privacy is important. webRTC is the answer to our needs ...
webRTC is a P2P communications technology available now in all modern web browsers. P2P means peer-to-peer (in this case, device to device) data transfer which does not require a web server in between. Messages, video + audio streams and files can be sent directly from one device to another, encrypted under TLS protocol (formerly SSL), providing no opportunity for interception.
This is a huge win for privacy, and is eagerly supported by privacy and security advocates. There are several important implications here:
Given that the internet's organic function is to extend and expand the capabilities of everyone on the planet, and given that much information is tainted by others' agendas, or is shrouded in dogma or questions of political correctness, it is more than ever important to have free and open channels to high quality information and to be able to discuss anything without restriction - at least in private.
But pressures on the right-to-privacy would deny the fundamental principle that whatever we may think or say belongs to us as individuals, and no-one else. We are all individually responsible, we can filter ourselves and we can choose to engage or disengage with others as we see fit.
webRTC provides secure communications channels which completely avoid data-mining messaging systems, right there in your web browser - no snooping app to download or install. The day the W3C, Google, Microsoft, Apple and Mozilla compromise webRTC privacy will be the last day of internet freedom, ever.
There's an excellent article on privacy matters on TeachPrivacy. My compliments to the authors.

Secure Communications Software

So, how to leverage the power of webRTC to improve and protect coms?
A website with live support, or a call-in sales desk, a videocast or live performance, presentation, is highly more likely to engage a current audience, simply because face-to-face interaction is more highly valued.
The level of immediate presence of the other among participants in a video call is remarkably like the real thing, like being in the same room. It can be so engaging and real that common inhibitors are diminished as more intimate bonding emerges, resulting in more successful communication.
These are fine attributes of the live video chat experience which are leveraged through apps to provide video calling and messaging services. acdit.com has used webRTC technology to create Coms, an entirely secure and private social network and messenging service:

Internet Software Application Security

Because software applications must be secure, coders endevour to write unbreakable code and server admins strive to lock down web servers so nothing gets in or out other than that which we intend. Each is required to apply their skills to the max, and to stay updated.
Any application - app, or web-app - needs to resist break-in attempts by hackers hoping to discover nuggets of info which can be exploited to discover even more of what's on the webserver. Indeed we do have many techniques and tools to make use of in building applications to run securely on the internet, and we can even test-and-fix, test-and-fix until it doesn't break any more using Approved Scanning Vendors recomended by the PCI-Security Standards Council.
Approved Scanning Vendors provide a program of probing tests on web servers and software applications, running scans designed to break things and hack their way in. They can tell you what they tried, what they accomplished, which explains how to fix it. Finally, with all known weaknesses exposed and secured, the application can claim to be certified secure and PCI-DSS Compliant. Testing can be updated by repeating PCI-scans every day if required.
Just as we do everything possible to safeguard our users' privacy online, so must we all keep our computers and mobile devices secure. That is best achieved by using OEM operating systems and keeping up with updates, and not opening email attachments that you didn't expect to receive.
While any of your info is on acdit.com systems, only you can get at it. Additionally, we prefer to delete data when it's no longer needed by a server process, and give you the option store it on your own computer / device instead.
Coms Messenger is a professional-level secure zone where streams of encrypted data for video + audio, text and files are exchanged in total privacy, where no records are kept and where data is deleted the moment it's no longer needed. You have the option of storing chats on your own device.
Coms is also available as a Progressive Web App.